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We are a scrap metal company based in Wharton County, Texas. We have been in the business for over 15 years, providing quality service and competitive prices to our customers. We buy and sell all kinds of scrap metal, including copper, aluminum, steel, brass, iron, and more. We also offer recycling and hauling services for your convenience. Whether you need to get rid of some junk or find some valuable materials, we are here to help. Contact us today and let us take care of your scrap metal needs.

As a leading purchaser of scrap metal, including aluminum, lead, brass, and abandoned cars, we understand the immense potential that lies within these seemingly useless materials. We expertly transform iron waste into towering structures that reshape skylines, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

Schedule a convenient pick-up today and let your contributions become part of the innovation revolution. We firmly believe in the transformative power of recycling, breathing new life into discarded materials and fostering a sustainable future where waste becomes a catalyst for progress.

comfort and convenience

Comfort & Convenience

Schedule a pickup at your convenience. Ensure timely scrap removal from your home or office.
instant payment

Instant Payment

Unlike other scrap dealers, we don't keep your money. Get paid instantly as we clear the scrap.
right place for right scrap

Right Price for Right Scrap

Don't settle for low prices because you just want your property clean. Get the right price for the right scrap.
refer points

Refer Points

Know anyone who needs scrap removal? Help them and score 'refer points' for extra benefits from Scrap.

What We Buy



Aluminum Cans, extrusion, wheels, reefer, colls and breakage


Industrial, lead acid, battries and backup systems


Brass radiators, Plumbers Brass, Brass Meters, Brass Valves and Brass shavings
automotive parts

Automotive parts

Beams, Automotive Scrap, Pipes, Appliances and Heavy Metal


Stainless 306, Stainless 316, Stainless Steel Shavings, Stainless Pipelines and Stainless Alloys


Clean Lead, Mixed Lead Alloys, Scrap Lead, Lead Weights and Lead Waste
abandon cars

Abandon Cars

Abandon Vehicles, Non Running Cars, Non Running Trucks, Salvage Vehicles and Flood Vehicles
heavy metals

Heavy Metals

Beams, Automotive Scrap, Pipes, Appliances and Heavy Metal
abandon cars


Aluminum Cans, Used Beverage Cans and Scraped Cans

What People Say


I think the service is great. The scrap truck arrived as scheduled and the payment that I received for the scrap was very generous.

Zack Hayes

Very nice and easy to deal with. Will use again if ever need to, and always will refer a friend. Thanks Top Price Recycle !!!

Rondolyn Pipkin

It was an amazing experience. Right from placing a request to actually getting paid instantly, everything was very smooth and easy to do! I recommend the services a hundred percent and I appreciate the Ragman for showing such great precautionary measures.

Marcus Hall

It was great right from the beginning. Everything they claim is delivered as it is. No time waste. Instant payout. Anyone looking for industrial scrap metal solutions, contact Top Price Recycle.

Clifford Allen

Great service. Loved their on-time response and quick turnaround on request. Would recommend them to anyone looking for the best scrap metal deals.

Janina Thomas

5075 Co Rd 137 Wharton